It was the most engaged I've been on Zoom - ever!

Our attendees loved it! The hype is true - Dan's parties are magical!

For several hours, I was transported to a time without work, stress or responsibilities!

Welcome to Virtual Piano Party

Imagine this: You and your colleagues, family, or friends are in a Zoom… but this is completely different. It’s a virtual piano bar/dance party all on Zoom, with a twist you won’t find anywhere else. This is a one-of-a-kind experience where you will leave in an amazing mood.

Imagine being immersed in an engaging musical and bonding experience with others. This includes:

  • An interactive game of Name that Tune
  • Requesting your favorite songs to a pianist who can play thousands of songs immediately upon request.
  • Sing-alongs (similar to a piano/karaoke bar but on Zoom – yes, it’s possible).
  • High-energy songs (with words on the screen) that are bound to get you waving your hands in the air, clapping to the beat, and dancing in your home office or family room. Seriously … this really happens and you will feel transported.

It’s literally a virtual piano bar, with group karaoke/dancing mixed in, as well as some games. These events are perfect for all types of groups (company conferences, law firm summer associate programs, happy hours for work colleagues, online reunions with family or friends, birthday parties for all ages, fundraisers … any online gathering where you want to have fun). They can also be fully customized based on the nature of your event. Most importantly, Virtual Piano Party is a lighthearted, interactive, high-energy, comical, self-deprecating, sometimes-emotional, and unique bonding experience based in the shared enjoyment of music and fun. 

Virtual Piano Party Highlighted on Fox 5 News in Washington, DC
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Representative Corporate, Law Firm, and Non-Profit Clients

How This Started

Virtual Piano Party was started by accident.

Since the age of 4, Dan Binstock has been playing songs on the piano by ear. He has the rare ability (approximately 1 in 10,000) to play thousands of songs on instant request, even if he has never played the song before. While Dan’s formal education took him in into the field of law, his passion is playing piano and using this to bring people together.

In April 2020, during the depths of quarantine, Dan Binstock invited some of his Facebook friends to a Facebook Live concert where he would take piano requests.

From Led Zepplin to the “Theme from Cheers” to Footloose to Bruno Mars to Billy Joel to Les Miserables, and everything in between.

These events quickly grew as people shared what they were watching. 

Spreading the Music

More people started joining, requesting songs, and connecting with friends through their mutual love of certain songs and bands/artists. The event had over 1,000 comments, and Dan was requested to keep having these interactive performances, including private events.

In December 2020, when Dan’s company was trying to figure out something interesting for their own holiday party, he had the idea to have a name-that-tune event. That sparked the idea and Virtual Piano Party was born.

And in late-2021, Dan’s piano videos (as @pianodaddan) went viral on social media where he has nearly 1 million followers and his videos have been viewed over 75 million times. This is your chance to have this one-of-a-kind interactive experience that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Host a Virtual Piano Party!

Virtual Piano Party Details

The length of a Virtual Piano Party is usually between 60 and 75 minutes (or longer). Because this is a labor of love (during the day, Dan co-owns a long-time attorney search firm in Washington, DC), a portion of funds from each event will be donated to your charity of choice. Dan is also very accessible and will arrange to have a phone call — or multiple calls, if needed — to go over details about the attendees, special requests, and provide tips on how to ensure everyone leaves thinking, “Wow, that was really fun – I’m so glad we did this.”

Non-Profit Performances
If you work for a non-profit and this is of interest, but you don’t have allotted funds, Dan is happy to work with you on cost, pending his availability.